St James Theatre - The Show Goes On

We are very proud of Terrazzo + Stoneworks heritage and during the past year we have been a part of the restoration of the magnificent St James Theatre. Uniquely Andrew Giacon was the third generation of his family to work on this particular building applying his specialist knowledge and skill with Terrazzo. 

This month the St James Theatre will show a film by Devonport film-maker and Historian Margot McRae. The film "showcases stories from the theatre's past and present and celebrates the beauty of the 1928 theatre that was controversially closed for seven years".

Terrazzo + Stonework's work includes this impressive entrance way.   

Terrazzo + Stonework's work includes this impressive entrance way.


The show will be screened inside the Queen St Building and has not been accessible to the public for the past few years. 

Article Featured in The New Zealand Herald by Anne Gibson @Anne Gibson

Article Featured in The New Zealand Herald by Anne Gibson @Anne Gibson

  • The Show Goes On: St James Theatre
  • October 9th - 6pm / October 10th and 11th - 3pm
  • Tickets $12 - Phone 445 1274 or email

Street furniture for Crown Street Mall, NSW

T+S were commissioned to manufacture a significant number of cantilevered tables and bench seats as part of the refurbishment of Wollongong town centre, NSW. Designed by the NSW government architect and installed by Lahey construction PTY ltd. 

Winter warmers

With the winter weather arriving we thought it was a good time to showcase of some the hearths, mantlepieces and floor ash protectors we've made to order. Available in colours and finishes to suit your living space - inside or out! 

Ponsonby artwork installation

Something a bit different here... an installation of 21 tapered precast blocks along Ponsonby Road, cast with a hollow centre and a sandblasted top. Make sure to check them out next time you're in this part of town

Shades of Grey...

Chic new amenities at 85 Fort Street
Architect = Fearon Hay, Builder = Alaska
Floors and Vanities by Terrazzo + Stoneworks

Regatta bar Takapuna

When ctrlspace architects wanted to replicate a concrete finish from a bar in New York they asked if it could be done and we said "yes". When they then told us the fish scale tiles needed to work vertically and horizontally plus they needed to follow the curve of the bar - we still said yes! The result is stunning as you can see from these photo's. We highly recommend you drop by and enjoy a drink at this remarkable bar.